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Have a little read below to see who we are and how MajorcanVillas.com was born. If you have any specific questions you would like to ask us please do not hesitate to contact us

Who are we? In a nutshell...

MajorcanVillas.com was established way back in 2003!  We are a group of people who have both lived and visited the island of Majorca (Mallorca) for many years.  Some of us speak fluent Spanish as well as Mallorquin and have many many years of experience here on every level.  Most importantly though, we know just how beautiful Majorca truly is and what it has to offer to anyone - no matter who you are or what you are looking for during your holidays in Majorca.

MajorcanVillas.com is NOT one of these website's which is ran by people who have no idea of what we are offering both with regards to the properties to rent in Majorca, as well as the actual island itself. Our motive and passion comes from our experience and love of Majorca, not just "one more website" jumping on the rental website bandwagon - pardon the pun!

Not only that, over the years we have built great ongoing relationships with well established and trust worthy rental agencies based in Majorca itself. It is these agencies which have enabled our website to offer the great portfolio of properties we now have to offer!

Meet some of our team

Many people have been involved with MajorcanVillas.com over time, but the core of the team can be found below! These bunch have been there from the start and will be here until the end!

Tasha Price

Tasha Price

MajorcanVillas.com rules my life... In a good way!

I have taken care of the running of MajorcanVillas.com since the very beginning, when I was living in Majorca fulltime, and I love my job!

I deal with our advertisers and countless client enquiries on a daily basis with the sole aim of helping people make their perfect holiday needs a reality.

Tonya Lawrence

Tonya Lawrence

Anything website... That will be me!

I have also been part of MajorcanVillas.com since the beginning and my job is to take care of anything to do with the website!

I also grew up in Majorca and visit annually so my passion, love and loyalty to both Majorca and this website has always been very obvious :). I am also proud to say I speak Mallorquin fluently!

Justin Frazer

Justin Frazer

Translations? Over here...

I spent many Summers of my life in Majorca, and still do, so I have a great love of the island.

I also speak Spanish fluently and so my job is to take care of any property / content translations which are needed from Spanish to English!

I also try to cross-check for any mistakes, so if you find any... my hand will need a little smack ;).

Brian Lawrence

Brian Lawrence

Anything to do with laws and numbers...

I am an Accountant by trade but holidayed in Majorca and also lived there for over 10 years.

In that time I gained vast knowledge in the various laws and procedures which exist in Majorca, so my job is both Accountant and Professional adviser to MajorcanVillas.com.

Andrewe Ede

Andrew Ede

The resident Blogger...

I have worked with MajorcanVillas.com on various projects over the past 10 years! Even if some of those were done over coffee and croissants, we were still working... I promise :)!

I actually also live in Majorca so I am the MajorcanVillas.com resident blogger! If you scroll down the page you will see my latest entries.

Sarah Woodford

Sarah Woodford

Marketing, advertising... Good ideas... I hope!

I take care of seeking new Advertising mediums and also researching the various Marketing opportunities for us to get involved with to ensure it's ongoing success!

I have also holidayed in Majorca so many times that I have lost count, I love it, epecially the sangria and tapas, all for research purposes of course ;).

Would you like to know more?

How it all began...

Back in 2003, as a group we were all spending quite a lot of time finding villas to rent in Pollensa, apartments to rent in Alcudia... for John and Mary, auntie Jean... you can imagine it can't you?  So, without any effort, we all seemed to have gained great connections with some fantastic agencies here in Majorca, as at that point we were purely seeking out properties to rent for our nearest and dearest.  So - we were picky on quality, location, price - yes - you can imagine it!

Word of mouth progressed and we all suddenly realised we were all liaising with each other, finding properties for a friend of a friend, acquaintances... - and thinking hold on a minute!?  We enjoy this, it is beginning to slightly take over our lives (as some of us had our respective jobs!), we have good connections, why not make this something more serious, a little business?

And our website was born...

Most of us were all very aware of the Internet and just how much this could offer us in this venture, we were excited!  We would have a place where we could get our agencies to list their properties, and on the other hand a place where we could now show full information of the properties to rent with photos and so much more.

And our aim was then of course to hopefully open the doors to many more people looking to holiday in Majorca, people we didn't know who just stumbled across us on the Internet! And our role would then be, exactly as before, help them in any way we could to find them their ideal property to rent in Majorca!  With our knowledge of the island, specific resorts, properties, beaches... we could also answer any specific questions anyone may have with real knowledge!

An embarassing look back at how our website has evolved...


Majorcanvillas.com in 2003

Well, this was the first version of our website!

It's a touch embarassing to look back at this now, but we must remember this was back in 2003 where this design was probably amazing (we are telling ourselves this anyway ;)).

That said and done, we started out with only 5 properties... thankfully it gained success and it was a stepping stone to where we are today so for that we must remember it fondly.


Majorcanvillas.com in 2004/2005

Time for change...

We soon realised that our first attempt at our website was no longer meeting the demands and requirements in terms of properties, functionality and users it had started to receive so we had to produce a new one!

This one served us well until 2008 when the time for change came back around. As we all know, in this industry you can't stand still for too long...


MajorcanVillas.com iin 2008

And the time for change came back around...

This design possibly looked better in real life (so to speak!) than in this screenshot, but it lasted us for another 5 years, before we have just recently in 2013 launched our latest and current version. We hope you like it :).

If you don't, or have any suggestions or feedback please contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

But we are not "just" a website

We were never "just" a website, and even today 10 years on, although our website is now on it's 4th version, we are the same bunch of people running it from behind the scenes, being as helpful as we can, liaising with the agencies to find great properties for you, and covering any questions you may have.

Our website may have changed, hopefully improved as we endeavor to move with the times and improvements in technology and website functionalities to offer you the best service we possibly can.  But we haven't - we are still the ever so helpful, maybe slightly older, MajorcanVillas.com team!  Nothing is too much so if there is anything we can do that you feel would improve our service in any way, we would love to hear from you!

With MajorcanVillas.com you are never speaking to machine!  We are real people, speaking your language, helping achieve your dream holidays in Majorca in any way we can.

MajorcanVillas.com - a real online resource

As we mentioned above, our website has changed so much over time, certainly technically and design-wise.  We have gained so many more properties as the years have passed.  But not only that.  We have also gathered and offer you some great information on Majorca itself, so you can research the area you are going to be staying in, the beaches, the golf, the culture, the towns, the markets, the food - all of it!  So please don't miss our Majorca Information section.

Advertise on our website / Anunciase en MajorcanVillas.com

If you are a property rental agency in Majorca and would like to advertise your properties with us, then please do not hesitate to click here to sign up!  Its FREE and provided you pass all our criteria once we have reviewed your details, then your properties can be on our website within a day!

Si tiene una agencia dedicada al alquiler de propiedades en Mallorca y le interesa anunciarse con nosotros por favor no dude en inscribirse aqui.  Es GRATIS y si opinamos que las propiedades y la informacion que nos envia es aceptable pues sus propiedades podrian aparecer en nuestra pagina al cabo de tan solo un dia!

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