Properties to rent in North Eastern Majorca

The North East of Majorca includes many fantastic resorts and places to stay and visit.  The resort of Can Picafort is popular for family holidays in Majorca - very similar to Alcudia. Cala Ratjada is also another popular resort, however much further down the eastern coastline.

We also have many more places within this overall area, including Colonia de San Pere, Son Serra de Marina, etc. which are smaller locations running along the eastern coastline - perfect for quiet holidays in Majorca however not too far away from the busier resorts!  The picturesque town of Arta is also worth a visit.  This area is also home to many fantastic golf courses : Capdepera golf course,  Canyamel golf course, Pula Golf course and Son Servera golf course.  So if you are interested in golfing holidays in Majorca then this area is fantastic!

Whether you are looking for properties to rent in Can Picafort, secluded villas to rent in Colonia de San Pere, villas to rent in Cala Rajada you will hopefully find it below!  If you have any problems at all please do not hesitate to contact us!

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