Property to rent in Palma & nearby areas

Palma is a beautiful vibrant city, surrounded by the great resorts of Illetas, Marratxi as well as the popular area of Portals Nous / Puerto Portals.

The city of Palma is alive both day and night with wonderful restaurants, bars, shops as well as the well advertised beautiful Palma Cathedral. A visit to the city of Palma really is well worth a visit during your holidays in Majorca (Mallorca)!

Puerto Portals is also well known and is unique in itself as it is a prestigious venue for important nautical events.  Not only that but it really has become knows for its wonderful exclusive restaurants and bars, as well as an unparalleled choice of designer shops!

We have now carefully selected all our properties to rent in Palma and it's surrounding areas(Illetas, Marratxi, Portals Nous, Puerto Portals ...) - we hope you find what you are looking for below, and if you do have any trouble at all please do not hesitate to contact us!

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