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MajorcanVillas.com is a UK based Advertising company offering advertising services for property rentals in Mallorca. Please see our full terms and conditions below.

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As a Property Advertiser

Property Details / Content Responsibility :

All the details included on our website are those which you have provided at the time of Adding a Property or editing your Personal Account details. We are therefore not responsible for any possible mistakes which may be found in your content. You are also responsible for ensuring that the information provided is a true representation of your property and what you have to offer, and that this property complies to all rental laws currently enforced in Mallorca.

Any extra charges for services such as Pool heating, general heating, Air conditioning and security deposits MUST be Clearly stated on each advert as this is your sole responsibility and we will not be held responsible should a problem arise on the clients departure.

If you are an agency that requires VAT to be added to your adverts then this is your responsibility to make sure that this is clearly stated on the advert and that you have actioned this in your account. We will not be held responsible for any charges where it is clear that the above has not been done. 

Our Service to You :

We are here to advertise your property in Majorca (Mallorca) for rent. We provide you with your own Personal Control Panel within our website, where you may easily take control of your property advert/s as well as have access to useful information such as statistics, etc. Your adverts will benefit from the ongoing advertising schemes we run, including ongoing Search engine optimisations to ensure first page positions on all top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Msn, etc.

This service therefore provides you with world wide exposure of your property across the Internet, listed for any user searching for any relevant information to any of the content on our website & sub-sites, such as yours. Essentially we are here to offer an easy, cheap & professional link between yourself: the property renter and any person/s who wish to rent property in Majorca (Mallorca) for their holiday, break, etc.

For this service we either charge a Flat Rate Annual fee or a Commission based package, see all details on our Services Information page). Please remember, should you sign up for a Commission based account, you may NOT change this to an Annual Fixed Rate Account.

All commissions paid are final, in the same way that your terms should outline that all deposits are final and non-refundable should a client choose to cancel at a later date post payment of such.

We are in no way a Travel Agency, nor a Property Rental Agency, we are purely and solely an Advertising Service for people who wish to advertise their property in Majorca (Mallorca) for rent. We are therefore in no way responsible for the properties themselves, nor do we offer any other type of Holiday Services, aside from our Mallorca related information pages.

To clarify further, if you opt for our Flat Rate Annual Fee account, we will have no contact at all with any clients enquiring for your property. If you opt for our Commission based account, we will secure you bookings (based on the information you have supplied on your advert), then upon confirmation of such booking, the client will then liaise directly and solely with you to finalise the booking and confirm any deposit payment details, and we will have no further contact with the client regarding such booking.

As outlined above, we are purely and solely an Advertising Service, therefore we are also in no way responsible for any problems which could arise from renting out your property, nor are we responsible for any damages which could occur to your property, or the contents of such, as a result of renting this out.

You are also fully responsible for ensuring that, before you advertise, your property complies to all Laws relating to Property Rentals in Mallorca.

Property Rentals :

We cannot guarantee that by advertising with us you will get definite bookings, this is purely down to the product / purchaser. We are here to act as an advertising vehicle to ensure that your product = property is on the shelf to be purchased in a professional and efficient manner.

Personal Details :

We do not collect any personal details submitted to us by yourselves for any other reason but for our own office use. Any personal details which are published for general user access is that which you request us to publish on your web page/s.

Aa a Property Renter

Property Details / Further Information :

We publish the details given to us by the property advertiser / agency, we are not responsible for any content on the properties we list, therefore if you require any further information at all regarding any of our listed properties, then please request this via the Contact form on the property page itself. If you have any queries on the website itself, then please do not hesitate to contact ourselves via our Contact Us page, and we will do our best to get back to you ASAP.

Our Service to You :

We are here to provide you with a directory of accommodation to rent in Majorca (Mallorca), with a selection of options, such as: villas, apartments, studios, fincas... whichever most suits your needs. This allows you to search properties from many different reputable agencies under one roof so to speak. We will also help you find any possible future accommodation, if we currently have nothing available which suits your requirements, simply Contact Us and let us know what you are looking for along with your email address, and if anything comes into our hands, we will be in touch. This service is completely free. We also provide some useful information on the island of Mallorca (Majorca) itself, such as Majorca attractions, places to see, golf courses, beaches, food and more.

We are in no way a property rental or holiday agency, we are purely an advertiser for those wishing to advertise their villas in Mallorca (Majorca) for rent. We are therefore in no way responsible for the properties themselves or the content of the adverts or provide any other holiday services, aside from our Mallorca related information pages. We simply publish what advertisers supply us with, naturaly ensuring that it is of the appropriate nature of our business.

While we try and ensure that all prices on our website are accurate, these are passed onto us by our advertisers and errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming your booking at the correct price or cancelling it.

Payments received go directly to the advertiser so again we are not responsible for any payments or any payment protection, as we are purely an advertiser.  All transactions are between yourself and the advertiser and the payment terms set out by our advertisers are shown on the adverts. Should you have any queries or concerns regarding the booking with the advertser, the advertiser themselves or in fact the payment details on the booking, then all the advertiser contact details will be included on the booking form so please make any further checks with them personally. We advise you to do this in case there is anything you wish to check before proceeding, as naturally, this is nothing to do with us (majorcanvillas.com) - so it is up to you to check all you wish to check before making payment to the advertiser.


Possible Complaints against Properties once Rented :

We publish the details given to us by the property advertiser, we are not responsible for the details of this or the property once you choose to rent this, we are only responsible for the advertising vehicle via which you found the property/ies. Therefore if you have any possible problems and/or complaints with regard to the property itself, or the advertiser, this is between yourself and the person / agency responsible for the property, as it is their responsibility to ensure that their property meets the correct standards and laws for renting.

Personal Details :

Any personal details submitted via our website will go directly to the property advertiser and/or ourselves, in which case will be used as pure server log information and will not be passed on to any third parties whatsoever.

Other Services advertised on our website :

When we offer links and / or recommendations to other services via our website, such as Car Rental in Mallorca, Flights to Mallorca, this offered as a pure recommendation, we are in no way responsible for the service itself.

As a General Website user

Accessing our Website :

We will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of the information and other material contained in this website. Accessing, downloading and/or use of this website by any person is entirely at the risk of such person.

Linked websites :

Any links to other websites included on our website is for convenience only. Due to the fact that we have no control over the content of any other external website to which our website is linked, we will not be liable in the unlikely event of any issues or possible problems arising out of your use of such linked websites.

Our Service to you :

We aim to provide an online directory of accommodation across Majorca (Mallorca), be it a villa, apartment, studio, finca... We also provide other interesting and important information regarding the beautiful Balearic island of Majorca (Mallorca), such as local weather, news, markets, top attractions, car hire, local traditional fiestas, beaches, walks, local public transport, interactive map of Mallorca (Majorca), food, currency converter, history of the island and more.

This website is in constant expansion ensuring that we provide the best service we can. All the information we currently provide was correct at the time of development, we do perform ongoing checks on major sources of information, but at times it proves difficult to control external information, so should you find any errors we do encourage users to let us know so we can amend this for you.

Placing a link to your Website on MajorcanVillas.com :

If you own or develop any websites containing information which would be of interest on our website, please do not hesitate to send us your details via our Contact us form. If we feel your website is suitable and of interest to our audience we will include this in an appropriate location within our website.

Using Information on our Website :

You are welcome to use any information on our website for your own use; electronically or print as long as wherever used you place a MajorcanVillas.com link or note. The use of any information found on any external websites linked to from ours will be protected by their respective copyrights, terms and conditions.

Other Services advertised on our website :

When we offer links and / or recommendations to other services via our website, such as Car Rental in Mallorca, Flights to Mallorca, this is offered as a pure recommendation, we are in no way responsible for the service itself.

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