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14.8.2019The Pianist Of Pollensa

In the nineteenth century, greats of the piano in Majorca were few and far between. Miquel Capllonch was one of them.

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10.8.2019Tomatoes And Straw: The Neo-Fiesta

Young people felt excluded from fiesta organisation and from the staging of celebrations. There was a fiestas' vacuum that needed filling.

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2.8.2019Women And The Joan Mas Militia

The re-enactment of the 1550 encounter between Moors and Christians in Pollensa is somewhat removed from what actually happened.

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25.7.2019Two Days In July

The Sant Crist Triennial of Alcudia and the La Beata triumphal carriage of Valldemossa are two of Majorca's most defining celebrations.

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Defending The Land

18.7.2019Defending The Land

The particular small mountain is viewed from the fourth floor of a building. Its presence, juxtaposed with urban development, appears a curiosity. It is so close and yet it is distant. This remoteness is defined by time.

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4.7.2019The Saint Of Giants

Saint Christopher enjoys decent popularity among the general public, but in the saintly scheme of things he doesn't have great prominence in Majorca.

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29.6.2019The Influence Of Saint Peter

Saint Peter, the patron of fishermen, maintains a benign saintly watch over one of Majorca's oldest industries. His patronage isn't, however, confined to coastal areas.

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20.6.2019Sant Joan: Old And New

One of the very oldest of celebrations in the Christian calendar along with the births of Christ and the Virgin Mary, the ancient Sant Joan rituals of fire and water are very much alive today.

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12.6.2019Music For All: Schools of Music

Municipalities across Majorca have schools of music, but most are quite recent, having been formed in the 1980s and 1990s.

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1.6.2019Want To Play A Game?

There is a whole host of traditional games with Catalan names that are basically variants on familiar themes.

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26.5.2019The Craft Of The Picapedrer

Stonemasonry, cutting, sculpture and decoration all have their place. Original work, restoration, public buildings, private residences; the picapedrer is in demand.

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18.5.2019When Capdepera Had Its Own Ship

One hundred years ago, Cala Ratjada was enjoying - in relative terms - a boom, courtesy of the new industry of tourism and the new ship.

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