Property to rent in Alcudia & nearby areas

Alcudia is one of the popular family resorts in Majorca (Mallorca).  It really does have all you could want for your holidays in Majorca! 

A beautiful natural beach, fantastic selection of restaurants, bars, cafes as well as some great night life - but nothing too unsavory!  There is the very "fun" side of the resort of Alcudia, with the famous "golden mile", as well as the much more refined Port of Alcudia with seafront bars, exquisite restaurants and stunning views across the harbour & mountains.

Not only that but within a short distance, no matter where you are staying, you have the stunning Alcanada golf course, the old town of Alcudia with it's roman ruins, Hidro Park and so much more!

We have now carefully selected all our properties to rent in Alcudia and it's surrounding areas (Playa de Muro, Bonaire, Alcanada, Mal Pas...) - whether it is cheap apartments to rent in Alcudia, luxury villas in Alcudia countryside, Alcudia beachfront apartments or beach villas - you will find it below!  And if you do have any trouble at all please do not hesitate to contact us!

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